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Why Choose
The 10 "I"s

"What can you do and why should we pick you to do it?"

I was once asked "What exactly can you can do and why we should get you to do it?".  That got me thinking about what makes me a successful Fixer.

Is it because I never fail at resolving a problem?  Nope. Sometimes broke is just broke.

Actual customer comments . . .

Is it because I have more experience and technical ability than my peers?  No. There are people out there smarter than me.

Is it my good looks?  Obviously not!

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a good Fixer, not only due to my technical abilities, but also because I care about the people using the technology.  Sure, I have over 30 years of computer, network and software experience.  But more importantly, I have over 30 years of experience with computer users.   

Sometimes the problem isn't just the broken DVD drive, or wireless internet that's not working. Sometimes the problem is a frustrated person using tools they aren't quite comfortable with.  A little compassion, a little explanation, and a little Fix'n all work together for a much better end result than just a hit and run repair.

This approach makes me a poor candidate to join the "Geek Squad"
or downtown computer stores,
but isn't it much better for the person I'm helping?

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